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Young woman doing grocery shopping.

Remember: Fuel and Flavour!

Macronutrients and Micronutrients - why do you need them?

When you think of great food, you tend to focus on how amazing that food tastes and smells, right? But it's important to remember that food is also meant to fuel your body. Macronutients in carbohydrates, fats and proteins are responsible for energy and body maintenance While micronutrients work within your body such as vitamin C which helps maintain the normal function of the immune system and minerals such as magnesium contribute to normal muscle function. 

Enjoying food can be one of the many joys of life. As you are seeking out flavours, whether you realise it or not, you also seek out foods that include the vital nutrients your body needs. 

Do I Need to Sacrifice Taste for Health?

So what happens if you do not get all of the nutrition you need because you don't like certain foods? For example, folate is a nutrient that can help support healthy blood formation and can mainly be sourced from green, leafy vegetables and legumes. While these foods may sound delicious to some, others may not find them as appealing. But not to fear...

A multivitamin can help ensure your body is getting the nutritional support it needs. Centrum provides various vitamins and minerals that help with your nutritional needs when you're not managing to eat a healthy balanced diet everyday. When it comes to supporting your body's health, look no further than Centrum, the No.1 selling multivitamin brand worldwide[*]. 

Learn how Centrum can help you get the minerals you need at nutrients from A to Z.

[*] Based on worldwide sales of the Centrum range